The banks were lined with friends and many just there for the humiliation. A face plant or four, but I finally made a successful jump. But really, the best time started in 1974 and ended when I graduated—all the friends I made, which were the reason why I moved back to Winter Park. I re-found a new home.
– Budd Crossman ’78


Jacqueline Peregrin ’06 ’07MBA

  In 2003, a photo of Carly Rothman ’06 and I wearing balloons hats and wax hands at the first-ever Squirrels Gone Wild Block Party was featured on the front page of The Sandspur. We autographed copies of the newspaper for...
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Howard Tuttle ’71

It was the first day of water ski class my freshman year. I knew no one on the dock, yet knew they were all far better skiers than I, so I wanted to impress them without looking like a showoff....
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Steve Bianco ’76

On May 2, 1976, my brother Bob and I decided we wanted to go to the beach the next day instead of go to class. We stayed up all night with some friends, my brother Bob’s girlfriend Debbie King ’76,...
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I began doing a show on WPRK in 1977 and continued through 1982. In my last year, I was on the air five nights a week from midnight to 2 a.m. We didn’t broadcast all night so as the last person on the air, I had to shut down the transmitter each night. I usually shut it down at 1:45 so I could make last call in downtown Winter Park! – Larry Kahn ’82


Sally Albrecht ’76

For my physical education requirement, I learned how to canoe. At that time, the music building was across Lake Virginia on Genius Drive, so I decided to canoe over alone one day for my piano lesson. I yelled out to...
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Hannah Lewis ’13

I met Jacob on move-in day at Ward Hall freshman year. Little did I know that a year later he would be taking me on our first date to the rose garden next to the chapel! Rollins is where we...
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Arty Pagan ’82

Jo Day Pagan ’84 and I went to the BB King concert on campus our first night out. We’ll celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in July.

John Ursone ’67 ’68MAT

In 1965, my 1963 Chevy Corvair was parked in front of the KA house, which was Rex Beach Hall at the time. The KA pledge class decided to decorate my car in a special Florida fashion.

Cheryl Lynn Harrison ’91

The greatest thing that happened at Rollins was at a dance in the student center 32 years ago where I met my husband John, the love of my life. What is so ironic is singer Ricky Silvia of the former...
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Cary Boyd Criss ’77

As a freshman, I performed in “The Streets of New York”, directed by the wonderful Sally Albrecht ’76. A song in the production called for me to swing out over the audience, singing “Tra la la…” Well, the swing began to...
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Erin Higgins O’Donnell ’91

Sophomores when we met on a bus that Rollins chartered to bring student fans to an away basketball game in Tampa. Six years later, he [Steve O’Donnell] proposed by Cornell Museum. Been married now for 21+ years.

Chelsea Dygan Hilend ’10

The people I chose to surround myself with while studying at Rollins ultimately shaped me into the woman I am today. I found my tribe early, and I still refuse to let them go. Megan Joyner ’10, Monica McNulty ’10,...
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Elias Taylor ’62

I fondly remember, having scored in our first soccer game against Emory University. All freshmen throwing, at the conclusion of the game, their ill-fitted beanies in the air. To this day, I still do not know why I had to...
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Kara Bowman Wade ’91 and I met in an econ class. We were both struggling and found support and friendship in each other. To this day, she is one of my best friends and always will be. We’ve grown up together, had our kids together, and enjoy an unending friendship. We have so many fun memories, but one of my favorites is recalling all the fun road trips we took together. We even drove to her home in Connecticut one summer. She’s the best and we are so lucky to have met one another.
– Susi Gonzalez Cetta ’91