I’m an Intern and I know it

Being an intern can sometimes feel like you’re back in elementary school, standing at the very end of a really long line for the slide behind all of the “big kids.” When you’re not at the top of the elementary school food chain, you’re automatically at the bottom. This isn’t to say that it’s inevitably […]

My classroom isn’t a classroom

We are in the midst of midterm season, which is quite honestly, a very different vibe here at CAPA than at Rollins. In a sense, midterms, and classes in general, are more relaxed than I have previously experienced. Rollins prides itself on academic performance and rigorous coursework, which is obviously a benefit to the students’ […]

40 Days Down

I landed in London a little over a month ago. This is officially the longest I’ve been away from home and it feels very weird but very exciting. I love London and everywhere in the surrounding area that I’ve been so far has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve been to Stonehenge, Bath, Greenwich, and Coventry […]

The Roman Guide to Dressing Warm

THE ROMAN GUIDE TO DRESSING WARM by Allison van Tilborgh Rome has what meteorologists call a “mild climate.” The city experiences hot summers and cold, though not freezing, winters. To my student abroad colleagues from Minnesota, Oregon, and South Dakota, the weather in Rome must be splendid. (It’s 35-55° F) To me, well, the prospect […]

London Week 1: Getting My Bearings

Arriving in the UK, the CAPA team was right there waiting for us at our living accommodations with open arms. Taking everything in at once, learning landmark locations, store brands, our passcodes to get into the flat buildings, they were very helpful with answering any questions we had and helping us adjust bit by bit. […]

The Beginnings of Learning Italian

A few weeks before leaving the United States, I had several plans to obtain a basic grasp of the Italian language in preparation for my time in Rome. However, after learning the meaning and pronunciation of Buongiorno on Mango and never again opening the app, I showed up to Italy with a severely limited knowledge […]

Second Post: Studying Abroad in Japan

I went to Osaka last weekend and found out the street was full of people wearing masks. In drug stores, masks were usually all sold out. Due to the coronavirus that had spread widely recently, people rose the awareness of protecting themselves from being infected, as well as being responsible for other people’s wellness. As […]