COVID Changes and Shifting to Online Life

Working and studying from home is new to many of us. Online interactions during this trying time are crucial, so establishing and protecting a secure technology profile should be of top priority during your transition to digital interacting. Hackers have a unique opportunity right now, as more people than ever are sharing sensitive data across devices and locations. Protecting your information, as well as the information of others you may possess on your device, is critical.


There are many ways to help prevent digital exploitation, many of which are free, quick, and will give vast protection.


  1. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. We know we’re supposed to, and we know we almost never do.
    • Take the time now to update some of your most important passwords; attackers can be very close to breaching and be entirely back at square one when you change your passcode!
    • Your Rollins password may be strong, but now that you are working from home make sure your have a strong wifi password (see more below). 


  1. SERIOUSLY, THE PASSWORDS. There is vastly sensitive data which could be manipulated by attackers anywhere in the world.
    • Making your passwords varied and complex is a great precaution which can stop attackers from successfully accessing everything by figuring out one password.
    • Varied should be more than capitalization or number switches; use different words, phrases, and characters as often as possible for the best chance at security.
    • Worried about forgetting all of your different passwords? Try LastPass, a password holding site which can save, encrypt and enter passwords on any of your sites for you.


    • An encrypted WPA2 connection on your home router is a much more secure option, and should be matched with a strong password.
    • Be selective with who has administrative access/passwords, adding as few people as possible.
    • The more complex your router password, the better security your connection has against being attacked.


  1. DO THE TWO-STEP. Though seemingly time consuming, several developers offer authenticator apps, which means the tap of a button is all the legwork needed for markedly better security.
    • Two-factor authentication is a great tool for ensuring you’re the only one accessing content on your accounts.
    • We can enable two-factor authentication on your Rollins account, reach out to the help desk (see below). 
    • Okta has an app for their push notification two-factor, specifically useful to Rollins community members.


  1. BACK UP YOUR DATA. While we are existing in an entirely digital world, make sure to use multiple storage points those important documents. Losing school or job progress as a result of technical difficulties would be tragic, so install some auto-updating cloud services to protect your information.
    • Using Onedrive will ensure all of your Rollins-related documents are secured.


  1. BE BRAVE. But seriously, aside from acting with bravery, get Brave.
    • It’s a free browser which prioritizes security and anonymity.
    • Using it will highly decrease your likelihood to have data accessed without authorization, and even removes ads!

Through this, we are here for you! If there are any questions or if assistance is needed, please reach out! Email us at for anything you think we could help with!