Shonibare Installation

Rollins College is pleased to be acquiring an art installation by famed UK artist, Yinka Shonibare. This “Bookcase,” part of Shonibare’s “The American Library” series, will focus on African American historians, philosophers, and poets who benefited by their connection to the Great Migration of African Americans from the South during the twentieth century. In spring 2021, Claire Strom led a group of Rollins students in researching and discovering 600 subjects to be included in this work of art.

Reacting to the Past

Strom uses Reacting to the Past games to make history come alive for her students.

Student/Faculty Collaboration

Since coming to Rollins, Claire Strom has been active in student/faculty collaboration. From 2009 to 2011, she evaluated proposals. Then in the summers of 2012 and 2014, she worked with students, producing two books and one article. Most recently, She worked with a student investigating African Americans in Hannibal Square, Florida. They presented their work at a professional conference, produced two interactive digital maps that can be found at, and wrote an article.

Field Studies

Over the last ten years, Claire Strom has led numerous field studies. These two to three-week trips immerse students in the regions that they have studied in class. Strom has organized several trips to Europe to contextualize World War II and taken students to Vietnam three times to think about the environment and culture in the context of the Vietnam War.