Dr. MacKenzie Ryan Awarded First OER Grant

¬†MacKenzie Ryan, Assistant Professor in Art History, is the recipient of our first Open Education Resource (OER) Grant. Mackenzie will work with a team consisting of librarian, Jonathan Miller ¬†instructional technologist, Amy Sugar, and James Zimmerman,¬†Director of the Christian A. Johnson Institute for Effective Teaching to replace the traditional required texts in her course ARH205 Introduction to Global Art with OER materials. As MacKenzie wrote, “Fantastic news! … I look forward to working with you all and transforming Intro to Global Art.” The review committee was particularly struck by the variety of resources MacKenzie planned to use — texts, images, video, podcasts — from a wide variety of sources.

ARH205 is taught each fall semester so MacKenzie will work on this grant for three iterations of the course through the fall semester of 2017. The next OER grant will be awarded in the spring of 2016. Stay tuned for updates.

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