The Before #MeToo project aims to examine the lived experiences of women in higher education throughout US history.

In the 2020-2021 academic year archivists and historians at five ACS institutions (see below) collaborated to embed archival research in undergraduate history curriculum, enabling students to write papers and create public facing projects centered on local women’s history topics. This blog is dedicated to documenting the work of the students, faculty, and archival professionals who contributed to this rich, year-long initiative.

Participating Campuses

Centenary College

  • Dr. Chad Fulwider
  • Chris Brown

Centre College

  • Dr. Sara Egge
  • Mary Girard
  • Beth Morgan

Davidson College

  • Dr. Rose Stremlau
  • Molly Kunkel
  • Jessica Cottle

University of Richmond

  • Dr. Eric Yellin
  • Lynda Kachurek

Rollins College

  • Dr. Claire Strom
  • Rachel Walton