Submitting to Comparative Drama (The Conference Issue)

Participants in the 2024 conference are invited to submit their papers for consideration to the editor of a special issue of Comparative Drama, which will publish the best work presented at the conference. The editors of this year’s issue are Amy Muse, who can be reached at, and Victoria Scrimer, who can be reached at Manuscripts should be formatted according to the Comparative Drama style, which can be received from Amy Muse. Please make sure you submit your manuscript to both Amy Muse and Victoria Scrimer. Submissions are due Monday, June 24, 2024.

Authors are expected to expand their manuscripts beyond presentation-length conference papers into full-length scholarly essays, with a maximum length of 25 double-spaced pages (including notes, works cited, and photos). Each volume also features several book reviews and performance reviews by noted scholars.

Please view Comparative Drama‘s style sheet here.

Any questions regarding paper submissions should be sent to Amy Muse: or Victoria Scrimer: