Guidelines for ROLLINSpire Posts


  • Think about the purpose of your post, and let that guide your length.  Thus far, the shortest is 130 words (sharing a simple strategy) and the longest is about 2,000 words (multiple authors sharing the results of a working group).


  • Visuals are helpful, if available—and if they’re produced by the author or are under a Creative Commons license. Include a brief citation or note about the source. 

Language & Style

  • Write the post in a way that just about anyone on campus would understand it—faculty, staff, and students.

A Title

  • Please include a title for your post blog.  The shorter, the better, but up to 10 or so words is fine, too.


  • For cited material, you can use formal citation with a bibliography, or you can link to the cited material.  The key is to pick an approach and stick with it.

Author Biography

  • Include a very brief biography: your name, title, and department.