Live to Give PR Campaign Snapshot

Here is Live to Give PR campaign snapshot. In this video we give plenty of information about both us, and New Hope for Kids. Please check it out. Watching this video will help you get a better understanding on our campaign, as well as what New Hope for Kids strive for. Thank you for following us on this journey, and we hope that we have offered as many insights as we could.


For more information, check out New Hope for Kids’ website at

How You Can Help Support New Hope for Kids

New Hope for Kids’ Wishes for Kids program needs a few things to keep them going! Please check out this video on how YOU can make a difference in these children’s lives.

Wish List:

  1. Boxes of children and teen birthday cards, get well cards
  2. Boxes of sympathy cards for families whose child has died
  3. Acid free photo album supplies
  4. Gift certificates to local restaurants for wish celebrations
  5. Gift certificates to Walmart, Sam’s, department stores, grocery stores

For more information check out New Hope for Kids’ website at

Support New Hope for Kids’ Wishes for Kids Program

Wishes for Kids is one of New Hope For Kids programs designed to “provide hope and a once in a lifetime experience to children fighting a life-threatening illness.” Through this program, New Hope for Kids grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses who have not yet reached their 19th birthday nor had a wish previously granted.” With their hard work and dedication to their mission, many children’s wishes are granted and they are given an opportunity to be as happy as they could possibly be.

The families of these children are able to witness their child’s wishes come true. Nothing is as beautiful as seeing a child who is fighting a life-threatening illness happier than they have ever been. New Hope For Kids dedicates a lot of time into helping these children, so please help them out here: WISHES FOR KIDS PROGRAM.

Amy Green Creates a Video Game to Cope with Grief

In her February 2017 TEDNYC Talk, Amy Green, a mother of three, explains how she was forced to endure the diagnosis of her youngest child with a rare tumor, resulting in a life-threatening form of cancer. Green took it upon herself to create a story to tell her other children in hopes that they learn about cancer. She also created a video game called “That Dragon, Cancer,” which received an award for having a significant impact on its players. Her courage and strength have impacted  many lives, and in her TED Talk she stated: “That lesson of intense vulnerability has changed me more than any award ever could.” After going through so much, she still manages to change the lives of others in the best way possible.

In central Florida, New Hope for Kids provides a wide variety of support services for children and families dealing with grief and life-threatening illnesses. For information about the crucial services this local nonprofit provides, or to learn about the ways you can support local families dealing with these issues, visit the New Hope for Kids website.

5 Ways to Help a Heart Heal at New Hope for Kids

“Imagine waking up one morning to learn that your mommy or daddy has died. Imagine being a five-year old and losing your hair because of chemotherapy and feeling too sick to play. Experiencing death, serious illness and despair is often overwhelming, but there is always hope, and since 1996 there has been New Hope for Kids.”

The services provided by New Hope for Kids’ Center for Grieving Children and Wishes for Kids programs help restore these children and families positive outlook on the future. This video provides 5 tips that we can all support children who have lost a loved one.

  1. Listen and let the child know you hear their thoughts and concerns
  2. Be present and stay focused on the child
  3. Stay focused on the child’s needs and concerns
  4. Take it step-by-step, do not rush or pressure the child
  5. Reciprocate and make sure the child knows that he or she are not alone

For more information on how you can help local grieving children and their families, please visit New Hope for Kids website.


Hey everyone! Welcome to our page. For our first post, we want to give you a little bit of background of our goals and aspirations. One thing we strive for is educating as many people as we can on the things you may not hear much about. Based in Central Florida, New Hope For Kids helps children who are suffering through hard times and the loss of their loved ones. Our purpose is to help in any way we can to support them in their ongoing efforts to help these children. Keep checking our website for updates and more information!

Live To Give PR & New Hope For Kids

As much as the world is changing, there are still so many people that must endure hardships and grievances. At New Hope For Kids, they work hard to ensure that the children of Central Florida who are suffering these hardships and grievances are taken care of, given the help they need, and carefully pushed in the right path to a happy and healthy life.

Since 1996, New Hope for Kids have been helping Central Florida children in need. They do so through two programs: WishesFor Kids, and Center for Grieving Children. Each program helps children who need it most, and changes their lives in the best way possible.

Here at Live To Give, our purpose is to raise awareness and educate as many people as we can. To bring hope, healing and happiness to children and families suffering from grief, loss, or life-threatening illnesses. These children depend on the support of those who are willing to lend a hand, and we want to do anything we can to help.