5 Ways to Help a Heart Heal at New Hope for Kids

“Imagine waking up one morning to learn that your mommy or daddy has died. Imagine being a five-year old and losing your hair because of chemotherapy¬†and feeling too sick to play. Experiencing death, serious illness and despair is often overwhelming, but there is always hope, and since 1996 there has been New Hope for Kids.”

The services provided by New Hope for Kids’ Center for Grieving Children and Wishes for Kids programs help restore these children and families positive outlook on the future. This video provides 5 tips that we can all support children who have lost a loved one.

  1. Listen and let the child know you hear their thoughts and concerns
  2. Be present and stay focused on the child
  3. Stay focused on the child’s needs and concerns
  4. Take it step-by-step, do not rush or pressure the child
  5. Reciprocate and make sure the child knows that he or she are not alone

For more information on how you can help local grieving children and their families, please visit New Hope for Kids website.

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