Proceedings from the Holt Virtual Symposium on Teaching & Learning

Friday, January 15, 2021

Opening Plenary:
Adult Learners: The New Majority

Plenary Presentation:
Holt’s Adult Student: The New Majority” by Rob Sanders, Dean of Hamilton Holt School

View plenary presentation slides.

Plenary Discussion:
Implications for Teaching” facilitated by Nancy Chick, Director – Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

View discussion’s Padlet wall.

Concurrent Sessions I:
Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Holt

Session IA:
Undergraduate Faculty and Adjuncts: Capitalizing on the Diversity Adult Students Bring to the Classroom” by Paul Reich, Program Director – Department of English

Session IB:
Graduate Faculty and Adjuncts: Graduate Education and the Liberal Arts” by Leigh DeLorenzi, Faculty – Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Concurrent Sessions II:
Supporting Our Holt Community

Session IIA:
Program Directors: Building Community with our Adjunct Faculty” by Leslie Poole, Program Director – Environmental Studies

Session IIB:
Full-Time Faculty: Writing in the Disciplines” by Matthew Forsythe, Program Coordinator – First-Year and Expository Writing, Department of English

Session IIC:
Adjunct Faculty: Foundations of Effective Teaching” by Nancy Chick

See Google doc artifact.

Closing Plenary

Integrating All of the Above into the 3-Hour Class
Rob Sanders, Dean of Hamilton Holt School, and Nancy Chick, Director of Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

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