The Intersections of Art and Business Education

I recently gave the following address to a group of alumni from the Crummer Graduate School of Business. As Rollins Museum of Art and Crummer prepare to build a new connected space, how might we strive to develop curricular connections

Join Rollins Museum of Art for FREE family fun at Spring Fling

Enjoy Spring Fling, a FREE day of family fun at Rollins Museum of Art! With indoor and outdoor arts activities, story time, tours, performances and more Spring Fling is the perfect way to spend your Saturday. All events are open

Seven Questions with Elena Vaamonde, Work-Study Student at Rollins Museum of Art

As an academic museum, we know how essential hands-on experience is for developing the skills necessary for a successful career. Rollins Museum of Art is proud to offer work-study positions to Rollins College students like Art History and Classical Studies