Lavinia Fontana: The Dead Christ with Symbols of the Passion

Outside of my bias of having been trained as an Italienist, The Dead Christ with Symbols of the Passion, is one of the most important Old Masters in our collection (as a mature work by one of the few female

Summer in the Hamptons: Bridgehampton by Arne Besser

For decades, the Hamptons have been a prime spot for summer fun and a location from which artists draw endless inspiration. The New York-based artist Arne Besser (1935-2012) first gained recognition in the art world for his Photorealist paintings of

The Different Lives Of Women

This post was written in 2019 and has been edited to update pertinent information. Rina Banerjee’s Her captivity was once someone’s treasure… combines historical objects (a Victorian birdcage, a 19th-century New England table) with elements both natural (gourds, feathers, shells,

Conversations/Collaborations: The Place as Metaphor Exhibition at Rollins Museum of Art

By MacKenzie Moon Ryan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History and Gisela Carbonell, Ph.D., Curator. Last fall, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum worked closely with Dr. MacKenzie Moon Ryan, Assistant Professor of Art History at Rollins, and her ARH 404