Seven Questions with Elena Vaamonde, Work-Study Student at Rollins Museum of Art

As an academic museum, we know how essential hands-on experience is for developing the skills necessary for a successful career. Rollins Museum of Art is proud to offer work-study positions to Rollins College students like Art History and Classical Studies

Emory Douglas’s Revolutionary Newspaper Art

Over the past weeks, due to the killing of George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, America has been engaged in a national conversation about privilege, bias, and whose voices are heard in our country and its institutions.

Conservation Connections: Mushrooms Plug Tray 100 by Brian Burkhardt

Recently, there has been an explosion of scholarship into the conservation of contemporary works of art. Historically a field limited to traditional art forms, with conservators painstakingly dissolving individual layers of varnish or carefully inpainting a damaged square centimeter of