Salvatori Fellow Sami Wilde (’24): An Inside Look Into How I Spent My Senior Year at Rollins Museum of Art

Working at the Rollins Museum of Art has been a large part of my time at Rollins College. Before I became the Salvatori Education Fellow, I was a student gallery docent and then a student docent. This means that I

Student Spotlight: Rollins College Student Sophie Foster Shares What It’s Like To Be The Fred W. Hicks Curatorial Fellow at Rollins Museum Of Art

What is it like to work at Rollins Museum of Art? We asked Rollins College Honors Art History Major Sophie Foster ’24 about her experience as the Fred W. Hicks Curatorial Fellow at Rollins Museum of Art. When did you

Join Rollins Museum of Art for FREE family fun at Spring Fling

Enjoy Spring Fling, a FREE day of family fun at Rollins Museum of Art! With indoor and outdoor arts activities, story time, tours, performances and more Spring Fling is the perfect way to spend your Saturday. All events are open

Black and White Photograph

Lorna Simpson: Artist and Pioneer of Conceptual Photography

A pioneer of conceptual photography, Lorna Simpson is best known for her large-scale works combining images and text. Simpson’s photography often questions and challenges conventional views on gender, sexuality, race, identity, and culture in the United States. Many of her pieces created between 1985 and 1995 incorporate text to complicate the meaning of the image and provide commentary on a variety of issues. Explore Simpson’s works from the Rollins Museum of Art collection

Seven Questions with Elena Vaamonde Work-Study Student at Rollins Museum of Art

As an academic museum, we know how essential hands-on experience is for developing the skills necessary for a successful career. Rollins Museum of Art is proud to offer work-study positions to Rollins College students like Art History and Classical Studies

3 black and white images of a woman and girl at a kitchen table in different sitting and standing positions

American Photographer Carrie Mae Weems

Gain insights into the works of American Photographer Carrie Mae Weems that are featured in the permanent collection at The Rollins Museum of Art.

Carrie Mae Weems (American, b. 1963) Untitled (Woman with Daughter), From the Kitchen Table Series, 1990 Silver prints, triptych 28 1/4 x 28 1/4 inches each. The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art, Rollins Museum of Art. Gift of Barbara ’68 and Theodore ’68 Alfond, 2014.1.26. © Carrie Mae Weems. Image courtesy of the artist and Jack Shaiman Gallery, New York.

Green square painting with white horizontal diamond by Carmen Herrera

Carmen Herrera’s quest for formal simplicity

Carmen Herrera has been described as a “quiet warrior of her art” in her uncompromising commitment to abstraction over decades of scant recognition.(1) Born in Havana in 1915, she later moved to New York and then, in 1948, to Paris,

Work of the Week: Elihu Vedder’s “Superest Invictus Amor”

Elihu Vedder (American, 1836-1923), Superest Invictus Amor (Love Ever Present), 1887, Oil on canvas, 34 ¾ x 12 ¼ inches  As I write this in mid-June, it has been just about thirteen months since my last entry in this blog.

Photographer An-My Lê Documents The Experiences And Landscapes Of War

An-My Lê is a contemporary photographer who primarily focuses on documenting the experiences and landscapes of war. Unlike the photojournalist, who instantly captures the combat and action of war, Lê uses a large format camera to take richly detailed and

Artist Maya Lin’s Silver Thames Inspires Action, Restoration, and Hope

Maya Lin If we had a God’s-eye view of our world, would it affect our actions? Would we make different choices if we could see the interconnectedness of our waterways and oceans? Would we reconsider our wasteful habits? Maya Lin’s

Visit Untitled by Artist Jun Kaneko, a Pioneer of Monumental Ceramics, at Rollins Museum of Art

Jun Kaneko (Japanese, b. 1942)Untitled, 2003Glazed ceramicGift of Alan Ginsburg. 2017.17 Jun Kaneko Jun Kaneko was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1942, and he currently maintains a studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Kaneko is a pioneer in the realm of monumental ceramics,

On a dirt road two women whisper in the foreground while more people stand by and lean on a white car in the background

The Secret, Alachua, FL by Photographer Michael Bühler-Rose

How The Secret, Alachua, FL by photographer Michael Bühler-Rose helps expand our sense of what cultural exchange might mean.

The Intersections of Art and Business Education

I recently gave the following address to a group of alumni from the Crummer Graduate School of Business. As Rollins Museum of Art and Crummer prepare to build a new connected space, how might we strive to develop curricular connections

Melvin Edwards: Weapon of Freedom at Rollins Museum of Art

Melvin Edwards (American, b. 1937)Weapon of Freedom, 1986Welded steel11 x 9 x 6 in.The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art, Gift of Barbara ’68 and Theodore ’68 Alfond, 2014.1.58. © 2015 Melvin Edwards/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Born in Houston, Texas,

Celebrate Black Artists With Resources from the Rollins Museum of Art

The Rollins Museum of Art honors and recognizes the impact that Black artists have in art and culture. Explore the resources below that showcase the rich history and contributions of Black art and artists featured in the Rollins Museum of Art permanent collection. Teaching Portfolios