Conservation Connections: Mushrooms Plug Tray 100 by Brian Burkhardt

Recently, there has been an explosion of scholarship into the conservation of contemporary works of art. Historically a field limited to traditional art forms, with conservators painstakingly dissolving individual layers of varnish or carefully inpainting a damaged square centimeter of

Art Encounters, Episode 2: “African Apparel: Threaded Transformations across the 20th Century”

In the second episode of our podcast, “Art Encounters,” Guest Curators Dr. Mackenzie Moon Ryan, associate professor of Art History at Rollins College, and two of her students Morgan Snoap ’20 and Cristina Toppin ’21, share insights on the new

Decolonizing the Museum: Facing Enduring Perceptions of Native Lives

In recent years, museum professionals have been focusing on how to decolonize museum practice. Colonialism is deeply embedded in museums through the way collections are formed and how museums categorize, exhibit, and disseminate the history of their collections. Decolonizing, though