Research Highlights, Part 9: John James Audubon’s Birds of America

I am fortunate to live in a house with big, floor-to-ceiling windows. While researching the CFAM collection I often sit by one of these windows, and occasionally steal a glance outside. When I do, I nearly always see some bird

Research Highlights, Part 8: The Archives of American Art

One of the best resources for those of us who study American art is undoubtedly the Archives of American Art. Founded in 1954 in Detroit, the institution was originally intended to collect microfilm of archival material relating to American art

Research Highlights, Part 7: New Direction in Andrew Moore’s work

Last week I wrote about research I have been doing on two recent acquisitions in CFAM’s Alfond Collection. This week, I’d like to continue with American photographer Andrew Moore’s 2016 Pitt’s Folly, Perry County, AL, from the recent series Blue

Research Highlights, Part 6: Diving into Contemporary Art

In art history, as in most academic disciplines, we divide ourselves into a dizzying array of subfields, from experts in ancient Greek pottery to Qing-era Chinese painting to Mayan architecture and far beyond. My own expertise is in nineteenth century

Research Highlights, Part 5: Etchings of Modern Life in the CFAM Collection

One of the particular strengths of the CFAM collection I have been delighted to discover is in the medium of etching, one of the primary modes of printmaking used by artists since the Renaissance. To make an etching, a very

Research Highlights, Part 4: Tibor Pataky, Florida Artist

For me, one of the great pleasures of museum work is getting to know an individual collection. At institutions like CFAM, which are tied to specific communities of alumni, donors, students, faculty, and local visitors, collections grow organically, reflecting the

Research Highlights, Part 3: National Visions, Personal Visions: American Landscape Painting

I would like to begin this week’s post on a bit of a personal note. I live in Southwest Virginia, on the edge of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Since March 30, however, Virginia has been under a stay-at-home order,

Research Highlights, Part 2: Artistic Friendship in the Adirondacks

Part 2: A Case of Artistic Friendship: A.F. Tait and J.M. Hart So often we consider artists and their work in a kind of vacuum, seeing them as exemplars of individual genius rather than members of communities. Sure, we might

Research Highlights, New Insights into the American Art Collection, Part 1: Connoisseurship, or When is a Stuart not a Stuart?

Forward written by: Ena Heller, Bruce A. Beal Director, CFAM We are happy to introduce new insights into the museum’s American Art Collection. In our latest blog series, American Art Research Fellow Grant Hamming will share the results of his ongoing