Photographer An-My Lê Documents The Experiences And Landscapes Of War

An-My Lê is a contemporary photographer who primarily focuses on documenting the experiences and landscapes of war. Unlike the photojournalist, who instantly captures the combat and action of war, Lê uses a large format camera to take richly detailed and

Artist Maya Lin’s Silver Thames Inspires Action, Restoration, and Hope

Maya Lin If we had a God’s-eye view of our world, would it affect our actions? Would we make different choices if we could see the interconnectedness of our waterways and oceans? Would we reconsider our wasteful habits? Maya Lin’s

Visit Untitled by Artist Jun Kaneko, a Pioneer of Monumental Ceramics, at Rollins Museum of Art

Jun Kaneko (Japanese, b. 1942)Untitled, 2003Glazed ceramicGift of Alan Ginsburg. 2017.17 Jun Kaneko Jun Kaneko was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1942, and he currently maintains a studio in Omaha, Nebraska. Kaneko is a pioneer in the realm of monumental ceramics,

Work of the Week: Danh Vo, “We The People”

Danh Vo’s We The People sheds light on the fragility and malleability of the concepts of freedom and democracy. Created as a series of 250 pieces, it recreates a full-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty, originally constructed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi. Vo intentionally broke up the replica, its many pieces entering the permanent collections of museums worldwide. The fragments’ diasporic trajectory recall the multiplicity of individual journeys that made their way at the foot of Lady Liberty as they reached Ellis Island. Inherently woven into its many segments is the lingering symbolism of the immigrant dream. But the stakes of that dream have changed, revealing the intricate power systems controlling the arm of democracy.