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student drinking on campus

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students on a porch

A Day in the Life of a Fictitious Rollins Senior : The Diary of Eugenia Bellows (1890)

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Living on the Lake: Rollins College and Lake Virginia

Central Florida and the 1980s AIDS Crisis: A History

In Remembrance: Gold Stars of Rollins During the Armed Conflicts of the Twentieth Century

Genius Preserve

Winter Park’s Genius Preserve: A Short History

Black Studies, White Campus: Pedagogical Ideology at Rollins College, 1970-1990

WPRK: The Best in Basement Radio, and the Voice of Rollins College



Georgia Archives Institute: Training Archivists Worldwide

A Love Letter To Rollins’s Grand Old Lady and Her Porches

Book Arts at Rollins College

Harry Gao ’31 ’81H: Rollins’ Early Chinese Graduate and a Leading Scientist in Microbiology

A Civil War Business Record in Florida and a Page in American History

The Rose Window of Knowles Memorial Chapel: A Fusion of the Liberal Arts and Religion

The Origins and Evolution of Women’s Studies at Rollins College, 1980-2000

Lue Gim Gong: A Chinese American Pioneer and the Citrus Wizard of Florida

The Founding of Non Compis Mentis: How Its Sisters Challenged Tradition

Founders, Administrators, Musicians: Women’s Roles in the Founding of the Bach Festival Society

Nineteenth-Century Rollins College: An Abundance of Female Professors

Pathway to Diversity – The History of Race Relations at Rollins: A Brief Overview from the Archives, Part Two (1951-Present)

Pathway to Diversity – The History of Race Relations at Rollins: A Brief Overview from the Archives, Part One (1885-1951)

The Betty M. Mitchell Collection of Fred Stone Theatrical Materials

Soo Yong (杨秀 ca.1903-1984): A Chinese American Actress and Cultural Interpreter

Quarantine Stories: Rollins and the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Historical Development of Rollins’ Mission Statement

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Knowles Memorial Chapel: Hamilton Holt’s “Gift” to Rollins College